OCAST’s 54 new projects set stage for economic growth, economic diversification

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — OCAST, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, this week awarded $7,464,058 million for 48 research and development projects ranging from the development of novel methods to treat MRSA infections to new ways to treat breast cancer to the development of a new manufacturing process for the aerospace industry. “These projects demonstrate that the future of innovation in Oklahoma is strong,” stated Dan Luton, director of programs for OCAST.

In addition to awarding funding for research and development projects, OCAST also awarded six internships through the Intern Partnerships program. The Intern Partnerships program is designed to connect industry to academia while building tomorrow’s workforce. The program has proven successful through the many accomplishments students made while interning at their respective companies. According to Cornell Cross, associate programs director at OCAST, “The Intern Partnerships program has allowed students to make meaningful contributions to research and development projects while gaining valuable hands-on work experience.”

OCAST programs are designed to grow and diversify Oklahoma’s economy, and the awards made today reflect Oklahoma’s commitment to expanding its technology-based economy. “Today a state must compete globally as well as locally,” according to C. Michael Carolina, executive director of OCAST. “Today we compete with Boulder and Austin, just as we compete with Japan and Germany. Making investments such as those made today will help Oklahoma remain viable in the global economy and position us for future economic growth and diversification.”

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