Smart Business: Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Launch Pad FT

EDMOND, Okla. — Wander through Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Launch Pad business incubator and you’ll see a whirlwind of activity from an eclectic mix of companies working to make their businesses successful.

You might see an inventor who’s packaging his new product to sell at Walmart. He’s surrounded by pallets of product ready to hit shelves for the first time. Turn a corner and you might see software developers tapping away at their computers. You might come across a contractor whose crews are out in the field siding houses. On a busy day, it’s not uncommon to see interns claiming space along the hallway floors as they pore over their laptops.

“You’ll see just about anything,” said Fred Green, director of the Launch Pad at Francis Tuttle. “It’s just a beehive of activity of business owners learning and producing and becoming sustainable businesses.”

Overseeing the Launch Pad program, Green is tasked with first analyzing companies’ hurdles, then counseling business owners, offering technical assistance and finally coaching them through the duration of the program. He provides entrepreneurs with the information they need to make the right decisions for their companies, and, once the participants “graduate” out of the program, they’ll have the skills and experience they need to continue to grow their companies in the right direction.

“At the Launch Pad, we work with small startup companies and sometimes early-stage companies and we analyze what their constraints might be that would prevent them from being successful,” he said. “We put together a timed series of milestones to address those constraints. And when we’ve done everything and the client has completed all the milestones, we boot’em back in the real world.”

Read more in Outlook Oklahoma by Morgan Day.   Photo courtesy of Francis Tuttle Technology Center’s Launch Pad FT.

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