Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s grant provides ‘Maker Space’ for Lowell High School freshmen

LOWELL, Mass. — Freshman Kyle Colon used a high-tech stylus as he played with the Cubify Sculpt 3D program on a computer.

PHOTO: Lowell High School freshmen discovering the school’s new Maker Space from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Photo provided.

Standing in Lowell High School’s new Maker Space at the Freshman Academy, he stood just feet away from the 3-D printer that can create anything he wants to draw.

In his integrated-science class, Colon has spent one week this school year learning about all the things he could print.

“It was very eye-opening because there were thousands and thousands of different things we could make right here,” he said.

The new Maker Space, funded through a $100,000 Massachusetts Life Sciences Center grant, features 3-D printers and a laser computer that will bring students to the cutting edge of the life-sciences industry.

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