Monscierge hospitality app a game-changer for travelers – VIDEO

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City businessman Marcus Robinson had a craving for Thai food while visiting Paris on a business trip. He didn’t speak French nor did he know the city well. So he turned to a smartphone application offered by the hotel to seek a local recommendation.

“I very much appreciate good Thai food, and the hotel’s recommendation directed me to one of the best Thai places in Paris,” said Robinson, 38. “It was a great experience.”

Turns out, Robinson was eating his own food, so to speak.

Intelligent Hospitality from Monscierge on Vimeo.

The mobile application he used to find the Thai restaurant and translate the recommendation into English was developed and marketed by Monscierge, an Oklahoma City-based company founded by Robinson in 2009.

The European trip provided hands-on field experience for Robinson with his product.

Monscierge developed a mobile software platform that allows hotel staffs to communicate with guests and with each other through large-screen kiosks in the lobby, smartphones, tablets and, most recently, the Apple Watch.

READ MORE of this story at OCAST by Jim Stafford. Photo and video courtesy of Monscierge.

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