Podcast to help ‘Startups A to Z’

PHOENIX – Two entrepreneurial spirits who met through the Arizona Commerce Authority Venture Ready program are producing and hosting a new audio-only podcast series called ‘Startups A to Z’ to help entrepreneurs with their own startups.

The co-hosts and producers are Hilary Hirsch, former vice president of business expansion for the Arizona Commerce Authority and economic development administrator for the town of Gilbert, and Mark Sholin, founder and CEO of Phoenix-based bio-treatment company Arbsource, which is currently undergoing acquisition.

The first five recorded are presented as an interview with a local business figure and include experiences and learning lessons based on an entrepreneurial passion topic. The hour-long podcasts will be released every two weeks.

Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation, a Phoenix business incubator, sponsored the first two podcasts, which feature Jim Goulka, managing director of Arizona Tech Advisors, talking about startup valuation, and Gregg Scoresby, Founder and CEO of CampusLogic, discussing the Arizona education technology ecosystem.

Source: Phoenix Business Journal

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