Bozeman startup Vision Ariel is at the cutting edge of drones

BOZEMAN, Mont. —  Shane Beams, founder of Montana startup Vision Ariel, is paving the way in drone technology, and the proof is in who’s lining up to ask questions. The independent business owner has recently been fielding calls from federal regulators, who are looking to close the gap on what they know about drone technology.

Beams’ drone company started with one of his own design that he made of wood out of an RV while traveling the country. It started with people asking where they could get one of his contraptions. That was about three years ago, and since then, he’s started making his creations and answering questions for more than just the casual observer.

The past years have been busier and, recently, the questions have come from the very top. The small business owner has become one of those that regulators look to for knowledge about everything from current technology to the broader applications of drone technology. Beams is especially interested in drone’s ability to assist with search and rescue — his current work, and medical uses. He is also invested in making clear the safety and rewards far outweigh the small, vocal naysayers who Beams feel are more than often misinformed.

It would seem that public perception is coming around to the idea — Gallatin County is hosting its first ever drone competition in September.


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