Florida Hospital getting kids on right foot

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida Hospital is turning to cutting edge science to help kids walk.

Florida Hospital is one of the country’s largest not-for-profit health care providers with 22 campuses serving communities throughout Florida.

The hospital recently teamed with REFLX Labs to see how they can improve pediatric rehabilitation and healing using innovative bionic foot sensors.

REFLX is the creator of the Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors that are being used by Florida Hospital

Boogio is comprised of a paper-thin, pressure sensitive layer which is inserted underneath any shoes insole. These pressure sensors are combined with a Bluetooth-enabled clip, which attaches to the side of a shoe. Each sensor has 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity, so simple shifts of the body can be detected. As you move, Boogio is able to sense the pressure exerted in different parts of your foot, capturing high-fidelity feedback on a variety of movements, including steps, jumps, squats, and kicks.

Source: GovTech

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