*Austin* ranks No. 3 in nation for starting a business

According to financial planning website NerdWallet Inc, Austin is among the top cities in the nation for starting a business, placing third. 

The San Francisco-based company considered factors such as ease of collecting financing, health of the local economy, ease of hiring, and affordability when compiling their Best Cities to Start a Business List.

According to NerdWallet, “It’s not hard to see why Austin received an A+ rating from Thumbtack’s Survey of Small Business Friendliness.  With a low unemployment rate, a low cost of living, high population growth and proven business-friendly culture, Austin is thriving.  The 0% corporate tax rate takes a burden off of small businesses, and Austin is a burgeoning tech hub.  The city’s focus on business is evidenced by the plethora of resources for entrepreneurs—Austin’s Small Business Development Program offers classes and networking events, and the UT Austin Professional Development Center offers expert training to small businesses, including workshops that cover financing, writing business plans, marketing, management and taxes.”

Those familiar with the best cities for starting a new business will recognize many of the cities on the list, as increasing numbers entrepreneurs move to areas that encourage innovation and small business.

The top five cities in order are Atlanta, Raleigh, Austin, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.


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Kris hails from a small business family. Dad and Mom raised a big family on a small turkey ranch in Fresno, California where lots of love, hard work and long days were a way of life. This early passion for small business led to life of work in their behalf. Right out of...

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